Our passion – to expedite sustainable businesses all over Australia from micro to SME’s to large corporations, global players and all Government institutions.

Our vision – to facilitate businesses to lead the way in providing a setting that supports all life. In this manner, the business/ institution flourishes for as long as it chooses to by supporting all beings associated with it – directly or indirectly – to thrive in all areas.

There is so much hype around this term “sustainability” and it has become overused so that its true meaning and appropriate application can sometimes be lost. Sustainability is about principles and practices that promote and support justifiable (sustainable) development. This development needs to be such that the current need of the organisation does not compromise the ability of others to meet their needs now or in the future – and this future is meant to be an infinite one! This paraphrased definition was originally coined and globally accepted as the standard by a report “Our Common Future”. The World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) produced this for the UN General Assembly

Welcome to Sustainable Solutions Australia.


So how do we help your business?

Vision + Consultation + Direction + Action + Revision = Continuous
Improvement = Sustainable Business = Continuous

The 10 Keys
Rethink, refuse, reuse, repurpose,repair, reorganise, replenish, redistribute, recycle, restore.

Through applying the above keys, we can reach the Quadruple Bottom Line of sustainable business in terms of the ethical accounting principles of Economic + Social + Spirit + Ecological (ESSE or Essential Sustainable Solutions for Everyone – Quadruple bottom line)





The areas of any business that need to be addressed to be more sustainable are:

  1. Risk
  2. QA (Quality Assurance)
  3. Energy and Waste
  4. Human and Natural Resource Capital Management
  5. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  6. Supply Chain efficiencies
  7. Ethical Marketing
  8. Ethical/ Quadruple bottom line Accounting

In all of the above, Systems/ Process Management and Planning are the Keys to a fully integrated sustainable and successful business. This business will stand the test of time be proud to stand amongst the best of the best, regardless of size with a team that is vibrant, alive, creative and willingly productive.

Kozzi-handshake_on_an_abstract_background-2944x2500Creative – encouraging each and every person’s creativity (and we are all creative in different ways and with different skillsets). In this way, solutions to seemingly impossible impasses can and are found.

Kozzi-social_network_theme-4200x2737Collaborative – creating a culture of sustainability that promotes truly honest, open communication to support information flows outside of ego-driven or selfish motives. The vision is to see each and every contribution as a piece of the puzzle that brings everything together.

Kozzi-business_woman_and_ecology_issue-4000x2800Innovative – ensuring that the previous two points permit thinking that is “outside of the box” or “outside normal parameters” – to change paradigms that promote original improvement and therefore meaningful change.

Resourceful – ensuring more can be done with less by implementing all of the previous three points. Rethinking the way things are done can produce tangible results very quickly.

Kozzi-happy_mature_businessman_showing_thumbs_up-3710x5565Mindful – being aware and considerate of the potential future consequences of actions being taken in the here and now, and making the necessary changes that at least mitigate negative potentialities produce positive concrete outcomes.