Cheryl Yamazaki

In my element

In my element

From my teenage years I have always wanted to create an  holistic, sustainable environment that supported all to thrive and not just survive in this world. One that maintained the natural environment but that also supported technological advancement to enable all to live, work and play more comfortably, that encouraged a wide variety of experiences to support the growth of the being.



Through my working life I have been/ done:

  • Psychiatric Nurse
  • Primary School teacher
  • Learned the Japanese language and immersed myself in a multi-cultural working and personal life
  • Created a multi-locational and multi-cultural business
  • Created accredited sustainable product for the international tourism market
  • A key writer of sustainability content for the Department of Education on the GreenSkills project of 2010
  • Instructional Design to facilitate relevant and engaging course development
  • TAFE teacher
  • Taught sustainability and sustainable business/ tourism to cohorts of students
  • Taught teachers how to embed sustainability into their courses
  • Consulted to business on all manner of sustainability
  • A QUIT smoking specialist

When I look back on my life, I realise that all this has led to me being able to assist others to create sustainable business that can support all to thrive and not just survive – as I had originally imagined the world could and will be.

This simply means that those in the business can ensure the ongoing viability of the entity, whilst supporting all who are involved with it as clients, organisations and staff  – external and internal stakeholders. Without this mantle ….. I don’t see the point of business – do you?

I hope you find this site useful and if I can help in any way please make contact.

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