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How to align people with the Company’s vision, mission and goals

The Purpose-driven Business

Promoting & Supporting a Purpose-Driven Workplace What do we want in life?
  1. Safety/ Security – stability and freedom from fear
  2. Acceptance/ Esteem – achievement, mastery, self respect and that from others
  3. Health – biological and physiological; air, food, shelter, sex, sleep
  4. Love/ Belongingness – Friends/ Family, romantic relationship
  5. Personal Satisfaction/ Potential realisation – Purposeful work, self-fulfilment, self-actualisation
  • What is it about purposeful...
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Management Auditing

With any business, we need to go through essential audit processes to see where we are or aren't on track with the vision, mission and goals. There are many areas of every business that, if not cared for/ nurtured consciously, can cause the business to be seriously handicapped and even cause it's demise. I have provided an...
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The Heart Centred Business

  1. Human capital engagement/ Creating Family

√  I actually prefer to refer to this as “creating family” – to create willing, enthusiastic productivity with a true care for others we work with. We sincerely can create family in a workplace by ensuring our people are:


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Planning Essentials

The lists of areas that require planning in a business are many and varied. For my mind, the following is probably the most important as a pre-requisite to all other planning. Risk management properly documented with a complete analysis of at least, but not limited to, the following, will mitigate most potential crisis so that a...
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