For 8 years I worked with Cheryl Yamazaki in the company of which, she was one of the Managing Directors.

The company having started from very modest beginnings was built up and developed to become one of the more successful in-bound tour companies on the Gold Coast.

Cheryl was instrumental in all aspects of the setup and running of the company. Her particular skills lay in the area of team building. On acquiring three (3) related businesses, Cheryl facilitated the melding of these separate teams – being multi-cultural, multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary – into one cohesive and efficient unit. Having to manage and organise schedules for drivers and guides, oversee operational staff, to ensure they were efficient, she was also responsible for the fleet management of 20 vehicles/ buses, ensuring they were clean, comfortable, well-serviced and inspected as not only required by law but to be client service focussed.

Cheryl set up procedures within these areas of responsibilities, to guarantee operational efficiency and compliance. For whomever Cheryl nominated to oversee these areas, she personally trained them, was always helpful and ‘on call’ to assist with any problems which might arise.

This business was in a particularly competitive market, so budgets and cash flows had to be very finely designed and closely monitored to ensure profitability. Tough sales targets were set and staff constantly trained and motivated to excel in customer relations in a constant effort to increase customer satisfaction and enhance the company’s reputation.

During this period, the company successfully applied for and received eco-accreditation for 3 of their tours. This meant that both these tours and the business were recognised as being environmentally, culturally and socially responsible.

Cheryl also directed the marketing plan and on line promotions.

Within all of the above, we were always able to maintain our good humour, ability to have fun and generate good lasting friendships.

Viive Thompson, Known Cheryl for over 20 years – from when I was her Supervisor many moons ago