My name is Luise Pearson-Bernoth and I own the business Sacred Space Within.

I have known Cheryl Yamazaki for 40 years and she is a close friend.

During the last year Cheryl helped me to set up my business from scratch.

I have never had a business before and

Cheryl’s support made it possible for me.

There is nothing she can’t do business-wise and she works very hard but with a love of her work that makes it easy for both of us.

A very important point about Cheryl’s style of work is that she doesn’t take over. As much as I have needed her help and advice it was important to me that no one took over for me.

You can trust Cheryl to do her best for you and you will learn new skills that will be valuable to your business.

Luise Pearson-Bernoth, Sacred Space Within, Victoria Point QLD

Luise Pearson-Bernoth,